About Anand

Throughout his career as a customer-first marketer, a digital technologist and e-business executive, Anand Rao has helped companies create new or more powerful brands in record time.

He has been an advisor to consumer brands, B2B companies, and private equity partners, and has proven invaluable to senior executives intent on sharpening marketing and go-to-market strategies and successfully executing technology plays.


Anand’s digital business building career spans more than 20 years, working across sectors ranging from consumer retail, healthcare, and financial services, for prestigious companies such as McKinsey, Apple and IBM. His expertise is now hard at work within automotive retail as Senior Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce for AutoNation, a Fortune 150 company with a market cap of $4.7B, and enviable status as America’s largest and most recognized automotive retailer.

He is driven to continuously improve the customer experience as well as leverage financial and long-term strategic thinking to not only generate revenue but to create repeatable processes and momentum for brands. His methods are effective thanks to an unconventional approach to balance both ‘facts and feelings,’ feelings being a mix of customer insights, intuition, and creativity.

Anand understands that digital marketing strategies and technology are two sides of the same coin. In today’s digital age, marketers can no longer be one dimensional. Brand building and demand generation happen all at once via social media.  

Driving traffic via paid search and website conversion to a sale often happens within minutes.  Traditional channels like TV are going digital, offering programmatic buying opportunities. And new technology platforms that leverage AI, automation, and 3rd party data are making hyper personalization possible.

Anand is data driven but unafraid to work in the unknown. A mix of creative marketer, data lover and technologist, his dedication to defining a problem first and thinking about solutions differently is what allows him to work quickly and boldly generate the momentum a business needs to catalyze real change, fast.

A thought leader and frequent writer, Anand is a member of Forbes Communications Council, and recently served as a board member for Vroom (market cap of more than $6B) - an online used car retailer, where he advised the executive team on marketing and eCommerce for IPO readiness. Deemed the hottest IPO during COVID; Vroom share price rose 117% on 1st day of trading - June 10, 2020.


He is a husband, a dedicated father of two and a motoring enthusiast.